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PadPro 1000
The PADPRO 1000 will restore any pad, any color, any size, up to 28 inches! No soaking or scraping. Stop throwing dirty pads away and save time and money by restoring your floor pads with the PADPRO 1000.
If you use floor pads or floor care equipment, here is a revolutionary new product that will save you time and money as soon as you start using it.

Just install the floor pad in the PADPRO 1000, shut the door and turn the switch on. Within one minute the floor pad will be pressure washed and spin dried.On average you should be able to wash each pad up to 4 times, which more than pays for the price of the pad itself.

If your company is cleaning an average of 20 to 30 thousand square feet a day, you probably use and discard at least one floor pad a day.

The PADPRO 1000 could help you save hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars a year, and the results are dramatic!

A side by side comparison of a dirty pad and a restored pad: